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MIssa Solemnis "In Gloria Dei"


Sunset I


Gabriele Saro, irreprobative talent and free spirit. His vast, lameme production is the figure of an artistic personality who does not shy away from the incessant challenge towards talking horizons... and in 2017 he completed "MISSA SOLEMNIS "IN GLORIA DEI" FOR CHOIR, ORGAN AND ORCHESTRA": opera trinùzia, since it marries the broad celebratory, the lyrical and the severe. Ineradicable my approach with the composer when I attended the "live" performance of the opera: Gabriele Saro, inexplicably, immediately forced me to look for reference points to which I would stick in an attempt to classify it. But why was I in this state of constriction for his sacral composition? I had to take advantage of the experience to assault me: only those who prove to be a refined composer make you oblige, initially, to "this research". And so, abandoning what could perhaps be mere curiosity, without further delay, healthily capitulating, I recognized his exquisite, accurate, fine identity.

"MISSA SOLEMNIS "IN GLORIA DEI"...»... not only the "Mediterranean" character of the score but also the arrangement of the "elements" that make up the composition, enhance the relationship with religion, a bursting, nanny, prosperous relationship and also full of trepidance... trepidation like Kyrie: subdued "openness" as if it were being born from an indescribable silent heart of the earth.

Freshness and liveliness in the vocal expression and the tonal tablet of the orchestra: it seems a model of big-screen direction, totally suasive for any peremptor, from the most competent to the most neophyte. Slow "slips" destroy the heart that is in full swing when the aura of ancient crosses it; a fervent dawn discovers your chest when harmony takes on the outspoken late-romantic flavor; a vulcanal wind crosses you when the "head" invades the orchestra; the majestic lashes you, lifes you... notes overflowing with all wealth that seem waiting for our amazement to leap into it like festive springs.  The voices, perfectly adapted to their roles and saro's virtuosic writing, go hand in hand with the rigorous sound tightness: indeed, maestro Gabriele, draws a reading of great expressive power.

One cannot but pay attention to two robust and true elements in the Imaginative Saroiano: persuasive effectiveness and feeric vision. The interpreter who will be going to face this eternal value of Saro, will therefore have to grasp and evoke the strong and authentic elements of him: if the interpreter believes in the feelings of candidness, elevation and spirituality that this work presupposes, worthy of trust will also be his interpretation.  
Gabriele Saro lives in the sign of fluent communication with the public on all continents.


Messe Semplici


(Review in progress ........)

The Magic of Christmas


How does “The Magic Of Christmas” see the light? The Hollywood tutor of the "Music Interval Theory Academy" in Los Angeles, a master prepared to transmit the gifts of music, decides to put down roots in Vienna as well and, from there, calls Saro... "the compositional technique" and then calls the master Gabriele Saro in that of Vienna. The "yes" of adhesion is immediate: music is his natural profession, what he feels born for, and its immeasurable, very deep underwater fault, with pure water and voluptuous reflections, captivates him ... swallows him without rest. Gabriele returns and promptly gets to work because one of his dreams has found the impact with the reality he was looking for: the magic of Christmas has come to the longed-for encounter with its possibilities. Realized the dream, he offers me the ciddì saying: «A gift to the world». After careful, meticulous listening, I can and would like to declare: «“The Magic Of Christmas”, by Gabriele Saro, is the essential gift of nostalgia to the modern world… nostalgia for something else… nostalgia for Another». The ten songs reworked by him live on fluid melodic lines above the tempo, supported by confidential, gentle arrangements, of a pure, subtle grace. For his part, times are elegant and prudent. We must convince ourselves that simplicity is never a simple thing: as in life, even in art, authentic masterpieces are characterized by harmony and proportion. In "The Magic Of Christmas" Saro's simplicity is unity, it is coherence: only truly great people can be simple. Gabriele Saro is a man, a composer, an artist who goes straight to the goal, knows what he wants and his gaze always points to the essence of things. By refusing the large orchestra, he has ensured that the seven instruments and the light and diaphanous chorus can listen to each other, converse, bring to us the value of purity... or, better to say, the bliss proper to transparency which is undoubtedly that of purity of the whole being: that is, the clearness, the transparency of the whole person who has eliminated the waste, the shadows, the opacities and becomes clear crystal that reflects the authentic image of God. I smile meditating: «Because every passage has clear, bright, the result of precise choices that shun any heaviness or darkening, Gabriele Saro's Christmas offers us precisely this unprecedented surprise: we were waiting for an inexorable judge... and a child has arrived...».

Claudio Gardenal