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The love

So, beauty, merely beauty. Your smile makes rainbows fade and your hands could hold all the love of this world. You gracefully dance in people's eyes, everywhere you go. I come across your eyes and I'm defenseless.

Why run away, when these FEELINGS are burning silences and lights up dark chambers?

I walk towards you; we are like magnets, too close to resist. You ask me to follow you: silk chains and I can't escape. We fly away, we are like Petals. White petals which decided to face the world, together. We are lost in the AURA, where everyone can see us. Pure white meadow, doomed to stain of humanity. We gently float in the air like hesitant lovers, who don't know where they can't stop. The harrowing sounds of the world make us forget that our place is the HEAVENLY bed above us. We just can trust each other and the wind.

We start flying again: tomorrow will come. Twists and jumps on air, smashing into walls: but they can't stop us. We just have to lose ourselves to our CUDDLES and hold each other tight. They are the wings of this POETRY, a BREATHE that reminds us the first STOLEN GLANCES. We fly farther, where the earth kiss the sky. Love is just a flight.

The meeting

Now you're standing in front of me, holding your plain tickets. Since then, we had lots of flights, but this time you will leave alone, without me. Something inside me is screaming, an IMPULSE of rage gash my glance apart as you walk on by, slowy.

I'm not able to walk after you.

Motionless, they're calling your flight. Just now I understand what the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean really means, an entire continent made of water is between us, from now on.

You're ALWAYS IN MY MIND, and this is killing me. Do you still remember those sunny days, with hands sliding in hair, running to the bus stop, the rain under the arcades, smiling for no reason, the undisclosed tears?

You gave a name to everything: hesitant hugs, my trembling voice, the scent of the air. Everything with you was so bright. You were my revolution, my REVELATION.

Seeing your plan taking off, faster and faster, is a trench warfare. The plain wanted to run away before I could ask you to stay with me.

The passion

WHEN I KISS YOUR HAND, I go back to the start, when I watched your body as if it was made of glass and I have to find out every single detail. I stand here, gazing the sky with eyes wide open. Now I see a tiny dot, becoming invisible.

I will miss your silence, badly. A BEAUTIFUL SILENCE made of precious moment where everything was so beautiful and we didn't need anything else, those shots of immensity when your were my everything, and all I wanted was stopping the world and seizing each moments of that perfect storm.

I run as fast as I can, away from here. Roads, traffic lights, cars, stops, traffic roundabouds, buses. I'm finally home. I can't resist and I surrender to melancholy: I'm LONELY WITHOUT YOU. Here it shakes my voice, chokes me, turning every word into tears. The throat becomes rigid, the lips tremble frightened, the eyes are locked into the void you left. Everything collapses, as the ruins of an Empire. A lava flow breaks down everything. As in Pompeii, my colums, temples and monuments of this love story plunge into nothingness. Boulders collapse, a thin dust rises up in a cloud, as debrises collide and slowly glide toward the magma, while everything is drowing. Ash, ash everywhere.

I'm here, DREAMING OF YOUR EYES, deprived of anger and remembering the thrill of flying. I will never forget the joy of not being slave of balance, the strenght to be guided by the currents that embrace every fiber of life. Here's what you taught me. As Cindarella leaves her glass shoes, running away from the Castle, you left me in me this gift, a little sun walking with me even now that you're so far away.

The departure

To me, love will always have your face.