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Neuro brain optimizer for Coach Academy

Neuro Brain Optimizer is a collection of guided meditations, inductions and music in a practical and convenient CD format. The entire collection was born by researches of Marco Valerio Ricci and Daniela Nuti Ignatiuk, supported by a team of experts in the area of Coach Academy Research Area.

The Music of NBO - Neuro Brain Optimizer is a series of songs specially created by Gabriele Saro, as completion of the route proposed by Marco Valerio Ricci. Through a deep study of vibrations and specific frequencies (432Hz and 440Hz) which balance the mental state, Gabriele contributed to the realization of this work, italian avant-garde panorama.


Gabriel loves collaborating with different artists to test his skills and experience. Among the artists with whom he has worked and continues to work with, we remember:


The work of Gabriel doesn't stop: we must mention also the creations of a commercial jingle for Network TV and Advertising. In this sense, the first great success was his song, "Beat of The Hearth," used from Fox Sports Usa for a Sport Show Tv.


Enlightened Piano Radio

"Hello Gabriele. Welcome, and congratulations on being accepted into the "EnlightenedPiano Radio" network! We have a high standard for our artists and music roster, acceptingonly about 25% of the artists who submit to us. Well done on your creative efforts!"

This is the beginning of the letter received from Gabriel for his admission to EnlightenedPiano Radio of Donovan Johnson, a network of musicians in a continuous growth both of participants and projects: a great opportunity at an international level for Gabriele.

Co-financing projects

Many times you can't take part in all the projects we believe in, which is why Gabriele wanted to contribute via websites, like Kickstarter, to campaigns that he thinks they are stimulating necessary.
Among these we mention the project Landfill Harmonic, which seeks to give a future and dreams to young children from Paraguay, starting an orchestra with instruments made from recycled materials.

Another interesting project for Gabriele is “Neurodome”, a "flight" in the mind through 3D real images of the human brain, examining the biological basis of why man needs to explore and push beyond limits.

Eventually, a very exciting project which Gabriele also participates as singer is the Virtual Choir by Eric Whitacre. The concept of "Virtual Choir" is as follows: singers all around the world upload their videos and Eric with his staff assembles all the clips in sync. A virtual choir otherwise impossible, touching to hear and see.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise

Here's the video, by courtesy of Claire Long, the manager of Eric Whitacre:

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 5: Deep Field

Gabriele is excited to be a Member of Deep Field Virtual Choir Community, and to be one of 8000 Chorists

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 6: Sing Gently

Gabriele is a singer on Virtual Choir 6 by Eric Whitacre with 17572 singers from 129 different Countries