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Sunsets I


Sunset I


«SUNSETS 1» ... Gabriele Saro's «Sunsets», which seems to take all areas of the piano keyboard by surprise, arouse the wonderful, hearty singing of each day when it dips into the evening buds ... always different song for agogenic, dynamic, color. The amazing performance of Andrea Del Piccolo, of the rich piano fabric, highlights skies that await, deep colors that a seraphic disorder brings together, adamantine lights that fleetingly silence the rhythm of footsteps, waves, restless murmurs. When next to Del Piccolo "the beneficial beat" of Andrea Toffolini comes down, every impurity disappears and we can continue to travel in the bosom of moments that abound in the purity of a rare peace in this world that has so much space. Voluptuous music in which the knotted suggestiveness of Francesco Pinosa's cello and the violin with the changing "movements" of Gabriele Saro seem ... playing hide and seek behind timeless hues: they are eager to eternalize the face of the world, they want to reach the open eyes of more beautiful dreams to prevent us from turning off the light of our journey in our hearts. Gabriele, how did you manage to enclose such intermittent paradigms in time that can unite us all ... in this "Tramonti" itinerary?

The sonic relationships, the elegant and modeled phrasing, the narrative gait of the piano, the excellent harmony between musicians who know how to obtain the right colors, make unexpected and unknown flowers bloom in "SUNSETS 1", swollen with a rapid scent ... worldly ...: through them we will walk, forgetting any effort, and from "sunset to sunset" we will catch them one by one.

(Claudio Gardenal)


Looking for the essence of a journey or a feeling is almost like fighting against windmill. We are full of hope, with shiny glowing eyes, holding our heart in our hands. We dig the walls of time and search for the utmost sense of a moment, of a look. Most of time we don’t figure out that moments live of senses thanks to our senses, which make up coordinates.

Sounds, scents, colours: they are the soundtrack of memories, the one and only anchor able to fight and defeat the time. No need to ask Proust and his “recherche” to understand this, we just need to look inside ourselves and look for what makes us shudder and smile: scents and memories of childhood, tender and gentle caresses that made us become adult, shades in the hair of those we call “love”.

Lights, sounds, scents: everytime is a new world. I’m astonished when I think about how many eyes this sunset will overflow: how many rivers and how many squares it will amaze and then rise again, to the end of time. The only way to take this paintings of lights with me is to feel its notes, and put them into music. Maybe it’s life itself: you should let it fly away and seize it until the last glimmer, as a wonderful sunset. That’s why I can’t find anything better than my own senses, to give a sense to these notes.

When the sun will set, fear not: you can’t stop walking, moving forward, discovering.

Every sunset is the dawn of a dream.
by Gabriele Saro

Sunset at Zara

Zara and its churces, they recall a sense of infinity. Almost like walking all along the seaside,
without closing off the gaze. The smell of salt and stones, they wrap around the harbour, lying on the sea.

Sunset in Roma

The memory runs sprightly around Rome narrow alleys. Oh, I truly loved Rome, especially the Trastevere quarter. Rome, tough and alive: a sparkling dominant red, strength and blood slipping down calmly and endlessly, to make your heart beat with Faith and History.

Sunset at Baselice

Baselice magic: a rock armor, which surrendered to mountain, hanging on to clouds. The prevailing scent is the air one: it seems to be in a crib out of time, but I still feel life vibrating into the rock.

Sunset in Groenland

Everything stopped here in Greenland. As if the world wanted, for a moment, to figure out where it is going. Fragile diamond, you and your silence worn out my soul, I can't stand this soft weight of your endlessly white light.

Sunset in Provence

I let myself be amazed by this huge valley of scents in Provence: violet ocean, pure and light as a caress, ready to sneak into the heart of those who open themselves to your seduction. Lavender chase away not only scorpions, but also bad thoughts.

Sunset at Villalta

How many fairytales did we experienced within these walls, as high as our desire to touch each other for a while. What is it, but magic, this immortal memory? Here at the castle of Villalta, small and unknown, everything is a legend destined to live forever, as its green hills.

Sunset at Grado

Island of the Sun, Before Venice: to me, you'll always be a waltz made of smiles that made life more scented, real gift of this time, that never goes out. Your Blue Lagoon floats in my mind now that the sun is leaving you alone for a while, Grado.

Sunset in Fiji Islands

How can I forget the colour of freedom? On the golden shores in Fijii, we left our footsteps,
destined to vanished, swallowed up by the waves as our lips touched.

Sunset in Los Angeles

What's this excitement in the air? Death does not exist anymore if I look at you going through this chaos of lights. The people, here, want to fly higher and higher, above the clouds and the streets. Let's go and look the City of Angels from the top. We will live forever as in a long shot movie where we will never forget the colour of dreams.

Sunset in New York (4 hands).

I climb New York's skyscrapers, looking for the grey american dream, which gobble up anything. It's a vortex, it forces me to fight for standing, but I will not change my mind. Faint life, you hide into my hands, now it's time to reborn, to fight the fear of collapse. On a Broadway stage, I started to love myself.

Sunset in Reykjavik

It slides down, as my life does, this sunsest, until it sinks into the night-blue sky. I can't stop
watching it, as he embraces me with a agonized breath. Warm colours fade slowly in my eyes, as if it wants to make me feel the weight of this light, a force that I can define as Passion.

Sunset in Tibet.

The Sacred Time value blows away my words like an avalanche, here in Tibet mountains.
Everything flows and nothing remains: I truly understand this in the eyes of the wise and serene hermit, it admires the strength of this White giant, lying in front of us. He and the mountains are one.

Sunset in Trieste.

Trieste is like a Carillon: it is a dancer, who dances without knowing why she keeps turning. So sweet, yet so alone. Another charge, and another again. It can not help but look around and let be looked back. The Red and the Black: two souls competin for her. But she can only dance, dance a little more.

Sunset at Bracciano

Let me kiss you here, on Lake Bracciano, where everything is so wonderful as in a painting. I would like to be as his castle and protect you from the world, forever with me. But you will go, and I will have to let you fly away. I beg you: do not forget me, let me live inside you and run away, where I can not hug you.

Sunset in New Zealand

Evergreen, valley of hope. Even though I feel alone, even though there is nothing but the sky, I'm here, and I will not stop. I will walk without seeing, blind and deaf. I will not miss these hours on the edge of a world, trying not to fall.

Sunset at Fregene

Mysterious, Dark. Maybe you just want to hide yourself, like in those old movies with faded colours. Fregene, so elegant in your shyness, mirror of that great Rome. I can find out your real face from that smile of light, stolen in the middle of the courtyard.

Sunset at Brooklin Bridge

Beautiful fairytale, poetry becomes a reality. You colour my nightmares to make them look like dreams, while you keep me in suspense: I'm afraid to go beyond it, over the rainbow bridge. Against every definition, for an eternal sigh, I pass you by. A kite flies on the Brooklyn Bridge and I open my arms and shout for joy, because the world is here and I'm here as well, I'm in and alive.