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THE MUSIC, or the art of breathing

Many times the etymology of a term is illuminating to understand its deepest and hidden meaning. It is the case of music, which derives from the Greek μουσική: union of the words "Mousikós" (Muse) and "Téchne" (Art), "the art of the Muses". Initially then the term was to represent the art of knowing how to "inspire" poets and artists of any discipline.

The incredible gift of music to "breathe" that part of the infinite that sleeps within us, which allows it to shine in perpetual glory, was seen as a sort of miracle: it was no coincidence that there were no less than nine Muses in the Greek Pantheon, one for each art.

Over time this term has been gradually narrowing its meaning into common usage, but without losing its real communicative thrust in practice: what can make us excite as much as a well executed and conceived piece?

From the beats of the heart that we feel before being born until our last breath, the music accompanies us in life and guides us in its own way to reach states of deeper harmony with our ego, through the harmony that only its vibrations can give .