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Sunset I


Indeed music "must be done": "SENSATIONS" brings back, even in the professional sphere, that ancient cultured entertainment practice. In all the songs you can hear Saro's breath and, this Saro conquers us, fills our underwear with the immaculate fire of love ... the heart is carried away by the scent of emotion, by the petals of immense hopes, by the feverish riot of Liberty.

Andrea Del Piccolo, Gabriele Saro and Francesco Pinosa, masterfully come to collect us. They know that pupils full of bliss await us, watching over the thirst-quenching springs, a touch of kisses that make us stop next to Gracefulness, a wind of joy and moments of sublime, delicate, torment of the nectarean song of tomorrow.

Del Piccolo, Saro and Pinosa, human presence that involves and a true guide to listening to the gift that Gabriele's yearning wanted to entrust us, rich in the highest creativity and virtuosity, imprint in us "SENSATIONS", that is, the light, the air, the sky and the roots, which spread Delicacy, Chills and Nostalgia, around this river of Sensations always ready for a new age. The cascades roars Torments together with notes of enchantment and then bear witness to its supreme beauty of uncorrupted immobility. Ah ... how much wholeness in flowing between the banks of life: Accord between the quivering, vibrant foam, and the tranquil garden that soothes everything; Contrasts of holding and unnecessary struggles; Regrets that you have not always been able to grasp the truth and joys of wanting to pay the right price.

"SENSATIONS", could not fail to flow into the world of serenity. I hope that these "pages" with a refined, demanding, never banal invoice, find a place on the lecterns where music is taught. (Claudio Gardenal)