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  1. Ciao Gabriele! Benvenuto tra i miei amici. Ti volevo fare i complimenti per la tua musica, mi piace molto! ;) A presto A.
  2. Your music is beautiful! Piano has always been my favorite! Thank you for the add! And God Bless your talent!! i love your music. very relaxing :-) Thank you! Your music is beautiful. Have a nice night. - Anne  
  3. meravigliosi i nuovi tramonti... zara è pieno di sentimento. è bello saper comunicare emozioni tramite le note. Complimenti! Lory
  4. Ciao Gabriele, Sunset at Zara è davvero molto bella... un opera che esprime tanto... Hai impegnato tanta anime per raggiungere a questo livello.... Complimenti !!! Myriam :o)
  5. hey gabriele , i like your piano playing really good. Lydia of Hulda
  6. I enjoy your soft and still sunsets . . .Chris
  7. Ciao Gabriele, i tuoi pezzi mi hanno incantato, complimenti! Anche io adoro le colonne sonore, appena finisce un film mi metto al piano e cerco di riprodurre le melodie che mi hanno commosso. Buona giornata! Lory
  8. Thanks for having this peaceful place...Great piano...moody and simple Love Tatiana
  9. Ciao Gabriele, che belle le tue musiche... sei davvero bravissimo - Carmen
  10. Thank you for the invite.  I'm glad I came to your page, your music is wonderful! Keep it up.  All the best,  A.M. My New Friend Gabriele Saro
  11. Hi Gabriele, that's great! I liked all of them, but my favorites were  Baselice, Fregene, and Zara. I'll share the album with the other presenters of The Global Voice as well if you don't mind, I'm sure they will want to play them too. Did Gianna give you the internet address of the station? it's http://www.theglobalvoice.info Looks like you have an interest in the south Pacific, have you been there? Shawn
  12. Oh hi Gabriele, actually I played one of yours this week. Forget to tell you. It's in the middle of the show. Ciao, Shawn
  13. Thank you for inviting me to your page. Your music is very beautiful. I really enjoyed your playing. It is a joy to share friendship with you . Wishing you all the very best Have a wonderful week! Marianne
  14. Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps.  You definitely have a lot of talent. P.
  15. Hi just wanted to let you know that I love your music is amazing... have a great week. A.  
  16. keep making your awesome music=)  
  17. i hope you read this because i really want to let you know how much your music means to me. especially your song sunset in roma. i'm so glad that you decided to share your talent with the world. C.
  18. hey, i really love your sound, its fresh and comforting and i loved it the minute i heard. have a good one Erin  
  19. hi Im really enjoying listening to your music. :) Ill send a link to your page to all my friends. Is it possible to buy your cd with paypal? Thanks Kirk    
  20. Hey...I was just listening to Sunset in Roma today:] you're amazing and I hope you have an amazing day.  
  21. heello I’m often listening to your songs . Keep making great music.  
  22. I found your message in my inbox today via n1m distributtion , listened to your tunes a few times, Im quite impressed. Keep on doing what you are doing! Nice job! Cheers, Den from the Nexxt
  23. Hi, I will start to play your track on my next saturday night show. Keep working hard and success will come your way I'm sure, because we feel your music here. Best, Mikhail Silver FM
  24. thank you for for sharing your creativity.SJPRO.  
  25. Ciao! Ho ricevuto tutto! Grazie veramente di cuore!!! complimenti per il cd. è molto rilassante.  le canzoni sono una più bella dell'altra; a me piacciono  Baselice, Sunset at zara, Trieste, Sunset in Fijiisland. A mio parere potresti mandarlo a radio 3. Ci sentiamo! Gianna   
  26. Hello Gabriele Yes! That is a wonderful idea. I just listened to your Sunsets album, and it is Very beautiful. You are so talented. Congratulations on your music & hard work.  Please let me know when your Sunset part 2 is complete.  Ciao Rebecca  
  27. i thanks for inviting me You have a nice sence..... I lo~~~~~~~~~~ve Xiong_M_Jarka_with_LOVE    
  28. Greetings from Canada Gabriele,  Thanks for the add! You are an amazingly talented composer and musician.  peace,  Brett  
  29. I absolutely love your music. Although I'm dance/pop/techno in genre, I have always loved piano/strings/violin. I'm sure you can hear that in my music. Beautiful music my friend. Would be awesome to one day work with each other and create something unique; never know where it could go. Keep up the incredible work. I'm so impressed.    <3
  30. GREAT WORK! I LIKE YOUR MUSIC. Nice Excellent display of control on the piano, you've really got a grip  
  31. Molto belle le tue composizioni. :-)  
  32. Love your music Greats sounds, so thank you very much for the message...:-)  
  33. You're welcome Gabriele...your songs have such power to them...very dynamic as well. I like the violin coming in mid-song on "Sunset at Zara"...very well done!  
  34. “ Brilliant...Beautiful...Refreshing change of pace. ”  
  35. “ i luv it ”  
  36.  Fantastic! “ awesome :) ” “ nice song,,,,,,, ” “ Your music sounds like magic. ”  
  37. woa.... you got amazings tuness!!!! I love all of them!!!  
  38. “ It is very soothing ..... I like it :) ” “ very relaxing ” “ I very much enjoyed your song Sunset at Zara! Has a classical feel that is very relaxing. Well done! ” “ nice ” “ nice ”  
  39. “ beautiful...it soothes the soul and afterall, isn't that what music is meant for? Keep up the good work ”  
  40. Hey , i just want to tell you that once i heard your music , i loved it . It is very beautiful , u know when music comes , it is just like an insperation any time any where .......Thank you for your music & best of luck . You are talented .
  41. GOod Luck & best wishes :)
  42. Grazie!! vorrei giá ascoltare questo "incantesimo" che voi condivídere con noi.Anche a me piacciono tanto i tramonti... e ho saputo che nessuno come a CUBA...dimi tu... Ninna