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Sunsets II


Sunset I


Gabriele, having crossed the «bridge over the rainbow», you can see that your heart is spinning among the kisses of the "sunset" «on the Brooklyn Bridge» ... and here is a full of words ... your "words" ... which they are incarnating music: "... and I scream with joy, because the world is here and I am there, I am inside and I live". Life has become magnificent, in the boundless spaces and in the authentic pearls of "Sunsets 1" !, therefore I thought that Gabriele Saro had already given us a tender, respectful, luxuriant greeting or farewell: I was wrong. Too hastily I was pulling my boat ashore. Gabriele had already picked up our retained fruit and quickly made us cross the sea with an elegant, transparent polyphony that transcends time: «SUNSETS" 2 "». What a munificent vivifying sound conversation !, in these "Sunsets"! From track to track a delicate, yet penetrating grace shines, juxtaposed with intense urgent sequences. The freshness, the unity and the vitality of invention are the sign of the stylistic maturity reached by Saro. The stream of Andrea Del Piccolo's fingers, which "slip" ineffably on the eighty-eight keys, are ... now flights that whisper secrets ... now gusts of lyrical wind that decline the changing skies incessantly ready for each of us.

That Francesco Pinosa's cello progressed sovereignly along certain directions was, and is, a fabulous treasure enclosed in Saro's works but that it would impose such free spaces, apparently untracked paths, urges you to think that almost you would almost like to enjoy it in the company of only people who have a burning desire to embrace infinity.

Gabriele Saro and his violin: the cavata is clear, transparent, spontaneous and straightforward ... it has a harmonious course ... round as round as the earth is. In the low register, cross the necklaces of sensuality; it embellishes these watchful skies with its rapturous phrasing; his seductive bite is marvelous "to behold".

In the panorama of sound globalization it is rare to be able to hear something of such fervor, brilliance and sway: indeed there is the signature of love, of Gabriele Saro's love who is able to create music, music that is ever more prodigious and full of charm .

(Claudio Gardenal)


Looking for the essence of a journey or a feeling is almost like fighting against windmill. We are full of hope, with shiny glowing eyes, holding our heart in our hands. We dig the walls of time and search for the utmost sense of a moment, of a look. Most of time we don’t figure out that moments live of senses thanks to our senses, which make up coordinates.

Sounds, scents, colours: they are the soundtrack of memories, the one and only anchor able to fight and defeat the time. No need to ask Proust and his “recherche” to understand this, we just need to look inside ourselves and look for what makes us shudder and smile: scents and memories of childhood, tender and gentle caresses that made us become adult, shades in the hair of those we call “love”.

Lights, sounds, scents: everytime is a new world. I’m astonished when I think about how many eyes this sunset will overflow: how many rivers and how many squares it will amaze and then rise again, to the end of time. The only way to take this paintings of lights with me is to feel its notes, and put them into music. Maybe it’s life itself: you should let it fly away and seize it until the last glimmer, as a wonderful sunset. That’s why I can’t find anything better than my own senses, to give a sense to these notes.

When the sun will set, fear not: you can’t stop walking, moving forward, discovering.

Every sunset is the dawn of a dream.
by Gabriele Saro

Sunset in Paris

How beautiful was our house in Rue de L'Hermitage, where we used to leave our dreams to the wind. The amber that colored at night the Champs-Élysées is the same that light us up when we run happily through the halls of the Louvre. There is no place better than Paris, to love somebody.

Sunset in Amsterdam

I walk alone on this long road. In front of me the last mill of Amsterdam: caress me, sweet memory, like a tulip offered to the world. Your colours, your fragrances. I wish I could float between these channels and watch the sunset without the fear of going away.

Sunset in Sydney

This beach steals footsteps, swallowed up on the shore. The lights of the world are behind me: in front of me, just the notes that make up the wonder of the Indian Ocean. I dive, deep and black. Learning how to hold your breath is almost like learning how to live.

Sunset in Scotland

Infinite Green, calm. The peace of time and senses rests here in the breeze. It shakes the grass as a caring mother. Nature dominates all here, in a harmony of spaces that no one could ever imagine.

Sunset in Berlin

You have to put on the shoes and let them go anywhere, from Alexander Platz to Memorial Church, among the remains of the Berlin Wall, that changed history and in those buildings that recall the horror of men's craving. Berlin is the architectural representation of the human soul.

Sunset in Algeria

Perhaps the real secret of happiness is simply let it run, slow and thick on the skin, as the heat of this sunset, telling me goodbye in the Bazaar of Algeri. Fragments are all I have: acrid smells, bright colours and deep voices marking the space.

Sunset in Dresden

You are a Venus wounded by bombs: Florence of the Elbe, a small jewel from a never predictable elegance. I still picture you in black and white, when your heart was crying rubbles, which choked the breath to the future.

Sunset in Tokyo

I try to run after you, but you are faster than me, like a giant wheel that keeps spinning. The Inokashira park resists among your tentacles made of cement: I came here to see the cherry blossoms. Hanami, the celebration that colours the spring in pink.

Sunset in Venezia

Do not be afraid of losing yourself, let the labyrinth of Calles guide you. Abandone yourself. Let the streets tell you where to go. To love Venice, you have to raise the mask that all the tourist, all the people see and go deeper into its real face, imprintend by time.

Sunset in Wien

Imposing and vigorous, Complex and Delicious. You are the Empire of Music, Vienna: you heard some of the symphonies that made the Man great. Thank you, Vienna, because sometimes it is good to remember how far you can fly with notes and let your soul shine.

Sunset in Montreal

You are a miniature Europe, Montreal. It seems to live in a mosaic, a treasure trove of stone and spiers. Its wide avenues project thousands of profiles, lives and sounds speak different languages. How much energy flows strong and light, without ever turning up at sunset, it makes my eyes smile.

Sunset in Ireland

You remember, the Ireland? That long journey, discovering ourselves and what we wanted to be. Today is another day to feel real in this world of giants, between the hills of emerald green and fluffy clouds. Here, I learnt to listen the silence.

Sunset in Amsterdam (Solo Piano)

During my life, I have learnt the value of the essence, removing instead of adding. That's why I thought of undress Amsterdam from few notes and let it dance with one voice, a piano voice that loves every street in this city.

Sunset in Michigan

In the Great Lakes area, I travel free between forests and valleys of water. Come with me, take this life with both hands and don't let her go, as if it was air between your fingers. Do not give up to the noise, ever. The sunset from Mackinaw City is rare poetry.

Sunset in New York

I climb New York's skyscrapers, looking for the grey american dream, which gobble up anything. It's a vortex, it forces me to fight for standing, but I will not change my mind. Faint life, you hide into my hands, now it's time to reborn, to fight the fear of collapse. On a Broadway stage, I begin to love myself again.